About us

MJ Mahon Transport was established in August 2000, when Michael Mahon sold his first small truck and purchased two 12 tonne trucks to carry groceries for small independent grocery stores along with produce from the Brisbane Markets.

At this time MJ Mahon Transport was also servicing a newspaper contract on the weekends. From the small beginnings of being an owner driver of a two truck operation, Michael was able to establish many business relationships, and nurture an understanding of true customer service.   After so many years, MJ Mahon Transport is honoured to still be servicing a large majority of its original customer base, and acknowledges the most valuable asset to the company being our well trained and highly motivated team of employees.  We pride ourselves on the presentation of our trucks, and display a strong attention to detail throughout all facets of our business.                                        


MJ Mahon Transport are specialists in refrigerated transport, operating a majority European fleet of over 25 trucks. The fleet comprises of 16-24 pallet Semi-Trailers and Rigid Trucks ranging from 6-14 pallet configurations. MJ Mahon Transport services a wide variety of clients within the food industry and vehicles are accredited with SafeFoods QLD.  Being that refrigerated transport is our core business we run multi-temperature equipment fitted with Euroscan technology.  Euroscans are product temperature monitoring devices, which ensure temperature compliance.

We are also accredited with the NHVR (NHVAS), giving the customer the confidence that we are educated on managing chain of responsibility and basic fatigue management (BFM) requirements. All drivers are given the opportunity to complete a basic fatigue management course.

EROAD is a fully integrated technology, tolling and services provider, we use to track all of our trucks. This system allows the Depot to view and monitor our vehicles in real time from any web-enabled device. EROAD helps us adhere to trip plans, which is important for employee Fatigue Management. Our customers also benefit through improved compliance.

MJ Mahon Transport employs these services and safety measures as our ongoing commitment to road safety.

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